At Your Service

Wine itself is a fascinating topic and just thinking about the ten thousand different grape varietals and over eighteen million acres of vines in the world can make one’s head spin. The world of hospitality has created a role to help interrupt this realm of vast knowledge in a restaurant, a sommelier. A sommelier is a person who is an expert in fine wine and is responsible for serving it to patrons. I like to challenge the concept that it must be in a restaurant is the only place to absorb this knowledge, I created 5 to Wine Time because in my tenure in the industry I always felt horrible trying to rush an inquisitive guest in the middle of a dinner rush.

This venture has created the opportunity for you to take a Certified Sommelier we can create a food and wine pairing experience in your kitchen, wine happy hour for you and your friends, tutoring session on how to navigate a wine menu, ask as many questions without judgment, really the possibilities are endless.