Wine is a fascinating topic but just thinking about the ten thousand different grape varietals and over eighteen million acres of vines in the world can make one’s head spin. That’s why you need your own sommelier, someone to interrupt the language of the grape, an expert skilled in the art of fine wine and serving it to you and your guests. I created 5 to Wine Time because I love the challenge of creating that perfect food and wine pairing experience for you and your friends, or tutoring you on how to navigate a wine menu, and answering as many questions as you can ask!

So, let’s work together to create a great event. I’ll work with you (or you and your team) to put together a specific tasting based on your budget, or your favorite grape or region. I can help you select, order and coordinate wine deliveries. I’ll host an educational event for you and your guest, providing tasting sheets as a takeaway for everyone. Do you have an upcoming event? I can work with your catering team to match food with the wine. The only thing I don’t do is sell wine.

Contact me now and let’s get started!